About Us

The Spiritual Light Center is an independent New Thought fellowship located in Franklin, North Carolina. The Center offers an opportunity for those seeking spiritual growth along various paths to come together, learn, and share in an atmosphere of mutual respect.

We are not subject to any denominational authority, and so we do not tell people what to believe — nor do we use guilt, shame or fear to control peoples’ behavior. We have no dogma, no mandatory beliefs, and no minister. We are free to agree, disagree, or question what we wish without fear of rejection or censure. We prefer not to think of ourselves as a “church,” but as a spiritual community within which we can grow and learn together. What binds us in fellowship is a love for our Creator, for our neighbors, and for one another.

Our Sunday fellowship features speakers and musicians from this region and beyond. Discussion topics include healing, shamanism, world religions, Eastern philosophies, and ancient civilizations. We also enjoy descriptions of our speakers’ own spiritual journeys in life. There is always opportunity for sharing our spiritual insights and questions in an open and accepting atmosphere. Unconditional love is the cornerstone of most religious organizations. Our intention is to live it every hour of every day of every year.

If you are seeking the opportunity to grow and experience freedom in your spiritual expression, we invite you to join us.

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