Upcoming Sunday Speakers

May 27, 11 a.m. Pot Luck after the service.
Rev. Ron Lindahn is an ordained staff member of the Center for Spiritual Awareness, and an expert in Kriya Yoga, as well as a fine illustrator and photographer. He will be speaking on "Remember What You Really Are."

Special Event:
Teachings of Sun Bear's Medicine Wheel by Wind Daughter

Teachings of Sun Bear's Medicine Wheel by Wind Daughter

Friday, June 1st, 6 to 8 p.m.
Spiritual Light Center Fellowship Hall

Learn your place on the Wheel and how you relate to others. Meet the Spirit Keepers of the directions while journeying to the beat of the Drum. Songs of the Wheel will he shared. Feel free to bring drums and rattles. Chant sheets provided. Suggested reading, "Dancing with the Wheel."

In February 1992 Wind Daughter founded West Winds, a Spiritual and Educational Center for people seeking safety of religious expression and a connectedness to Mother Earth. She is the Keeper of the Sacred Beta Star Bundle and Caretaker of The Black Lodge. She has been The Medicine Chief of the Panther Lodge/Bear Tribe Medicine Society since December 1995. She makes her home in Mountain View, Arkansas.

Wind Daughter is a well-honored speaker on a national level. We are very grateful to have her in Franklin.

A love offering is requested.

Our Vision

The Spiritual Light Center is a peaceful and joyful fellowship of individuals, centered in love, dedicated to the God within, and honoring the many paths to truth.

Our Mission

We seek to develop our highest selves by continuous sharing of spiritual ideas, in an environment of unconditional love and respect for others.