Upcoming Sunday Speakers

June 4, 11 a.m.
Rev. Eileen Douglas will speak about "Dancing with Cancer...A Heightened Spiritual Experience." She will share what it feels like to have the Holy Spirit by your side as you overcome and heal through serious health challenges. What IS the Holy Spirit anyway? Eileen taught school for twenty years, has produced one vocal CD, and currently sings with an acapella trio called Blissing in and around Hendersonville where she lives with her husband, Reb. Richard Talley. She also writes and teaches journaling and is a gourd artist. Eileen and Richard co-ministered Unity churches in Lawrence, KS, Santa Fe, NM, Omaha, NE, and Indianapolis. Together they now lead PATH Ministries, a church without walls that stands for People Accepting Their Holiness, and holds classes, workshops, guest speaking, spiritual mentoring, and discussion groups.

Our Vision

The Spiritual Light Center is a peaceful and joyful fellowship of individuals, centered in love, dedicated to the God within, and honoring the many paths to truth.

Our Mission

We are developing our highest selves by continuous sharing of spiritual ideas, in an environment of unconditional love and respect for others.