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Upcoming Sunday Speakers

Due to increasing Covid-19 cases locally, we have decided not to have in-person Sunday services now. Instead, we will have video gatherings those mornings at 11 a.m. using the Zoom link above. Pour yourself a cup of coffee or tea, and join us for a social hour (or two)!

Until we are able to safely see each other face to face, we are grateful that many speakers have allowed us to share links to their online spiritual presentations.

Sunday, February 7
Rev. Karen Lindvig is senior minister of Seattle Unity. She has a history with Hinduism, and was ordained with Unity in 1984. She's said to have a mystic's heart, and is a powerful speaker. View Karen's sermon, "The Courage to Change."

Sunday, February 14
Kathleen Rehling has spoken fairly often at Wayfarer's Unity in Dillard. She is a respected speaker, always with a good message. See Kathleen's talk, "Letting Go is All We Have to Hang On To."

Sunday, February 21
Rev. Michael Gott is senior minister at Unity of Houston. He has a GREAT voice and is a musician and recording artist. He was ordained in 2015 and is known for the emotional impact of his speaking. Please see him sharing "The Path of Personal Transformation."

Sunday, February 28
Rev. Tom Tyre is the past director of Ubuntu Choir. He's an excellent musician with a sparkling personality. Tom & Andy have moved back to Franklin, so Tom is speaking locally. You'll appreciate his talk on "Anger — The Other Epidemic."

Our Vision

The Spiritual Light Center is a peaceful and joyful fellowship of individuals, centered in love, dedicated to the God within, and honoring the many paths to truth.

Our Mission

We are developing our highest selves by continuous sharing of spiritual ideas, in an environment of unconditional love and respect for others.